Common Ideas and Opinions

So here is a quick introduction to treating inflammation as a cure for type-1 diabetes:  Everyone knows that type-1 diabetics have a lot of inflammation in their pancreas and especially around their beta cells. Most researchers believe that inflammation is a result of the body's immune attack on it's own cells. That is, the underlying immune problem causes inflammation and also causes beta cells to die (which causes the symptoms of type-1 diabetes):

            /---> causes --> beta cells to die    
            \---> causes --> inflammation

However, some researchers believe that the underlying immune problem causes inflammation, and that this inflammation kills the beta cells, which then causes the symptoms of type-1:

Autoimmunity -causes-> inflammation -causes-> beta cells to die

The difference is that, in the second model, if you stop the inflammation you can stop the symptoms of type-1 diabetes (the high BG numbers and the low numbers). And that is a big difference. But this second model is still a minority opinion.