Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wilson's Pioglitazone Phase-I Study is half way enrolled

Dr. Wilson was kind enough to tell me that his Phase-I study of Pioglitazone is about half way enrolled. They are hoping to enroll 15 people total. The study is a pilot one, being done at Stony Brook, NY, USA. Pioglitazone has been approved for use in type-2 diabetes for about 10 years. Pioglitazone is part of a larger drug family called thiazolidinediones which have been shown to preserve beta cells in animals with type-1 diabetes, and to reduce death of beta cells in petri dishes.

This study is also unusual in that it will enroll children as young as six. I assume that is at least in part because they are working with an already approved drug with a known safety profile. Open to patients within 4 months of dx.

For those of you who are near Stanford University, the Dr. Wilson doing this trial is different than the Dr. Wilson who is at Stanford.

Joshua Levy


Anonymous said...

Do you know if there are any U.S. organizations helping to fund the research LCT is working on? Is JDRF involved with this research?

Joshua Levy said...

LCT is not funded by JDRF, because they have never asked JDRF for funding. As far as I know, no U.S. organizations are involved in funding LCT. If want to help them, I have two suggestions:
1. Send them money. I mean, why not?
2. Buy their stock. You can buy their stock in the US.

If you want to support LCT like research. There is another project in the US which is working to supply porcine cells, but I have not gotten a chance to blog on them yet. They are here: http://www.springpointproject.org

Joshua Levy