Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Data on Bayhill's Phase I trial

I just poked around the Bayhill's web site a little. They are in the middle of a Phase-I trial aimed at curing type-1 diabetes. I noticed two pieces of very good news, and added both to my status page on cure research.

First, they have some data from the clinical trial that is on going right now, and that data looks very promising. This is the exact quote from their web page:
In the BHT-3021 phase I/II trial, nine patients have been randomized to the 1 mg dose cohort to date. BHT-3021 has demonstrated safety and tolerability, with no increase in adverse events among the first nine patients relative to placebo. Preliminary data also indicated that after the initiation of dosing with 1 mg of BHT-3021, there was a rapid reduction of approximately 50% in titers of anti-insulin antibodies that was sustained throughout the dosing period. In contrast, the anti-insulin antibody titers were unchanged with placebo dosing. Autoimmune T cell data from these initial patients are pending at this time.
Second, this trial is open to people who have had type-1 diabetes for any length of time. It is not "honeymoon" only, as so many are.

Check out the status of this, and all the other type-1 cure research that I track by clicking on the "Status of Research Discussed" to the right.

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