Thursday, November 30, 2017

IMCY-0098 Starts a Phase-I Clinical Trial

I always enjoy blogging about a clinical trial for a new treatment, done by a new company, which hopes to cure type-1 diabetes. As I understand it, Imcyse, the company doing this research, has a method for creating peptides (small pieces of a protein) which will generate a type of immune cell that is able to destroy the immune cells of the body responsible for the disease. If this works, they can specifically target the cells that are causing autoimmune diseases. The company is going after Type-1 Diabetes (first), Multiple Sclerosis (second), and several other diseases after that. IMCY-0098 is the code name for their peptide targeting T1D.

IMCY-0098 Starts a Phase-I Clinical Trial

This study started in Aug 2017 and they hope to finish in Dec 2018.  They will enroll a total of 40 adult honeymooners (within 6 months of diagnosis) divided up into three groups. In addition to their regular insulin treatments, each group will get a total of 4 injections over 2 months (just below the skin, like an insulin injection).  One group will get low dose injections, one group medium dose injections, and the third group will get high dose injections; and each group will contain some controls who will get a placebo.  Patients will be followed for 6 months.  The researchers will track safety issues, effectiveness (C-peptide, A1c, etc.), and changes in the immune system.

They are currently recruiting in Belgium, Denmark, Cardiff and Oxford, and plan to start soon in France, Germany and additional location in the UK.  The list is long, and you can see the exact locations in their clinical trial record:


The company's web site includes this page:
which discusses how they are developing their treatments.  Unfortunately, it is too technical for me to understand.  But for readers with a background in immunology, this page might be valuable.

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