Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Summaries of Clinical Trials Aimed at Curing Type-1 Diabetes

I keep two different summaries of the status of clinical trials aimed at curing type-1 diabetes, and I've just updated both of them.  So if you want a summary of the whole field, you might try looking at one or both of these:

Summary Table
This is a PDF file (so you can view it on the web), which is a table of all clinical trials aimed at curing type-1 diabetes.  From left to right it is organized by phase of clinical trial, so phase-I is on the left, and phase-III on the right.  Within each phase are three milestones: Has the trial started?  Is it fully enrolled? And have results been reported?  From top to bottom are different rows representing different techniques being tried to cure type-1.  So there is a row for immunology, a row for encapsulation, a row for inflammation, etc.

This table contains one entry for each treatment which is currently being tested, and is designed to be printed out in black and white on a 3 foot by 4 foot poster.  It is very plain, with no graphics at all.

This file is stored on, but anyone should be able to see it, here:
or look here:
for the whole directory of material. 

Next Expected Milestone
This is a list of all clinical trials currently or recently running aimed at curing type-1 diabetes.  My goal with this page is to make it easy, for each clinical trial, to see what research milestones are expected to be completed and when.   It can also serve as an TLOD ("too long over due") list of research that isn't reporting the expected results.  It also contains the last milestone that a trial reached, so you can see where everyone last was.

This list contains one entry for each clinical trial which is currently underway, or recently was underway.  If many trials are being run on the same treatment, then there will be several entries in this list.  It is designed to be viewed on a computer monitor, so color is important.

This file is part of my blog, and you can see it here:

I update these files at least once a year.  (I try to do it once a quarter.)  If you see a mistake or something is missing, please tell me.  Thanks.

Joshua Levy
All the views expressed here are those of Joshua Levy, and nothing here is official JDRF or JDCA news, views, policies or opinions. My blog contains a more complete non-conflict of interest statement.
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Black Smart Business said...
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Anonymous said...

Josh, do you know anything about these studies? My 12 year old son was just recently diagnosed.

Łukasz Moliński said...

There are many scams and dubious clinics which are claiming that they have a cure for DMT 1. The only treatment with stem cells that really can fight diabetes is that when the bone morrow (stem cells) is tranplanted after a strong chemotherapy which is destroying the source of this disease - failure of immune system. And they're still in clicnal trials. Other clinics are treating you with stem cells by injecting them into your pancreatic vein and giving you immunosupressive agents for example prednison. And prednison was tested due to diabetes type 1 with some results. But it is too toxic to be more than few months on it and this is the only reason people see improvement after such a treatment - lowering insulin doses and higher A1c which is not constant.

Łukasz Moliński said...

* lower A1c

Deb said...

Thank you Lukasz. Do you think any major breakthrough is coming soon with restoring the pancreas?