Saturday, July 5, 2014

More About ADA 2014

The JDCA recently published a "Flash Report"  based on try trip to ADA 2014.  You can read it here:

It covers some of the same topics that I already posted here, but has some different information in it as well.

Also, as part of attending ADA 2014, I have on line copies of almost all the abstracts presented there, and many of the posters, and a few of the presentations.  So, I'm going to experiment with "doing requests".  If you have a topic (a few keywords, or a sentence) and you would like to know if it was discussed at ADA 2014.  Send it to me, and (If I have time) I will summarize the ADA material that pertains to your topic.  Please note that I don't expect to start this for about a month, so send in now, but expect results in 4-8 weeks.  (Not very internet, I know!)  If you're interested in a specific researcher, I can tell you if they published anything at this meeting.

Joshua Levy


Charles Weber said...

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Sincerely, Charles Weber
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Kathy said...

I'd like an update on islet cell transplants, the next generation which would include the research from Viacyte, Sernova, the Biohub and others.