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Possible Cures for Type-1 in the News (early Sept-2012)

Phase-II Trial to Test Intranasal Insulin for Type-1 Prevention

Several different groups are experimenting with using insulin to prevent or cure type-1 diabetes.  This is similar to giving people with food allergies the food they are allergic to in tiny doses, gradually building up the dose over years until they are no longer allergic.  Because insulin is basically a protein, it gets digested, so you can't take pills of insulin.  Different groups are experimenting with different methods of getting insulin into a person, in the hopes that it will result in a cure.

This particular group is using a nasal spray.  They want to enroll 120 people, and started back in 2006, but I've not previously blogged on it.  They are now hoping to finish in late 2016.  Obviously, it's been going on for a long time.  Because it is being done in Australia (with it's lower population), I'm sure it is taking them longer than they would like to fully enroll it.

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IL-2 and Sirolimus Fail in Phase-I

This clinical trial failed in phase-I, in a pretty obvious way.  Here's the quote from the researchers:
Rapamycin/IL-2 therapy, as given in this phase 1 study, resulted in transient ╬▓-cell dysfunction despite an increase in Tregs.
So it hurt the patients (although only temporarily) and did not help them.   Plus they threw in this (which should really go in my "Cured in Mice" blog:
Such results highlight the difficulties in translating therapies to the clinic and emphasize the importance of broadly interrogating the immune system to evaluate the effects of therapy.
They sure do!

Clinical Trial Record:

Phase-I Clinical Trial of IL-2 is Complete

This is the other IL-2 clinical trial.  It involves 25 people who have had type-1 for less than 2 years.  It is complete, meaning they have gathered all the data needed, but have not yet published the results.  Since they were complete in April, if they have a positive result, I would expect publication by April 2013, and if they have a neutral, negative, or hard to interpret result, publication after that.

Clinical Trial Record:

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