Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent News Items on Curing Type-1

Recent News Items on Curing Type-1

Here are some quick notes on recent progress in human trials to cure type-1 diabetes:
I'm going to post something on Peakman's recent results in the next few days.

Tolerx Adds Europe to Phase 3 'DEFEND' Trial of Otelixizumab

This phase-III human trial has been going on for some time in the US, but they recently expanded it to Europe as well. The goal here is to drug the immune system so that more beta cells survive the immune-self attack. This is a 200+ person trial.

Press release here:

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Andromedia (Home of DiaPep227) gets $10 million from Teva

This is the longest running phase-III clinical trial that I know of to cure type-1 diabetes. It has been going on for years, and initially the results were not promising. However, the company stuck with it (even as ownership changed hands from company to company). The most recent news still doesn't look too good to me. They had extended and expanded the trial in the hopes of getting some positive results even when the early results were not statistically significant.

However, another company, Teva, is putting in $10 million so hopefully they know more than has been released to the public, and there is good news in there, somewhere.
News article:

Diamyd Now has four (or five) clinical trials going at once

By my count Diamyd now has five different clinical trials going all at once:
1. They have a classic phase-III clinical trial for honeymoon diabetics which helps preserve insulin production so that patients use less insulin, and maybe no insulin at all. This being done in the US, and being 300+ patients.
2. They have a "twin" phase-III clinical trial being done in Europe with another 300+ patients.
3. They have extended their previous phase-II trial (to continue to run it for several extra years) to look for longer term effects (both good and bad).
4. They have phase-II clinical trial aimed at both preserving existing insulin production and regrowing new beta cells (a possible non-honymoon cure).
5. They have a phase-II clinical trial aimed at preventing type-1 diabetes by giving the treatment to people at high risk of type-1, but who have not shown symptoms as yet.

Newspaper articles / press releases:

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Osiris Therapeutics's PROCHYMAL in the news

This is the same research that Kimberly Wainscoat asked about. Osiris has been running a phase-II trial since mid last year. Their PROCHYMAL treatment has been show safe in several phase-I, II, and even III trials for several immune diseases, so they are trying it with type-1 diabetes. This is an adult (actually self) stem cell treatment. Since safety is established, they went straight to phase-II clinical trials. It appears that they are either ramping up recruitment of patients, or ramping up PR of the trial. Recently there have been very similar "public interest / human face" type newspaper articles on this trial, links below:

More info:

Joshua Levy


Anonymous said...

Diamyd has now two prevention trials where children with high risk are treated.

Total 200 children.

Compare to the Trialnet DPT-1 where they had:
340 patients in "High-Risk" group
490 patients in "Intermediate-Risk" group

If we can see positive trends in 2 years and definitive results in 4-5 years, why not vaccinate all high risk patients?

Children get so many other tests and vaccinations, so a antibody test is no big deal to give to all.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear any comments regarding the human trials on diabetes cure using BCG universally given forthe prevention of tuberculosis. I beleive the trial is in Massachusetts general hospital, Boston by Dr.Denise Faustman.

Anonymous said...

i am so excited i think thios is very big and exciting news, i myself have type 1 diabetes since the age of 8 and im a strong believer that one day they will come out on top and that there is a cure within their reach. i really hope that this works and if it does i will be like the most happy person in the entire world i'v done some researcgh too btw