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Possible Cures for Type-1 in the News (Feb)

Rilonacept Starts a phase-I Clinical Trial

About six months ago, I blogged about three clinical trials which had not yet started, but were expected to start "soon".  Now the Rilonacept study is actually starting. 

This drug has not previously been tested on type-1 diabetes, but is already approved for other diseases (since 2008 to treat CAPS) under the name Arcalyst.  It is currently in use in about 12 phase-II and phase-III clinical trials for several different inflammation based diseases, especially Gout. It is an IL-1 inhibitor, and IL-1 is known to be involved in the destruction of beta cells in people with type-1 diabetes.  The hope is that this treatment will result in a longer, stronger honeymoon, and may result in long term improvements in A1c (such improvements might lead to fewer serious complications years or decades down the road).  This is the third treatment targeting IL-1 that I'm following. Others include Anakinra and Canakinumab.

The study will enroll 15 patients, all of who will be treated with Rilonacept (no placebo group).  To enroll you must be over 16 years old, within 5 years of diagnosis, and still producing some C-peptides (> 0.2 nmol/L) in response to food. These people will be followed for six months, involving five clinic visits, and it is hoped the trial will be complete by June 2012.  The treatment is weekly injections (under the skin, like insulin).  They will be looking for general safety issues, as well as effectiveness (A1c, C-peptides, and insulin dose).  This is NOT a honeymoon only trial, by my definition.

This is being run out of Children's Medical Center (Dallas, Texas, USA):
Principal Investigator: Perrin C White, MD    perrin.white@utsouthwestern.edu

If you are interested in participating, send Dr. White some email.  Don't worry about your C-peptide production.  If you meet the other criteria, they will test for that.

It is interesting to me how much the design of this clinical trial has changed in the last six months.  You can compare what I'm writing now, to what I wrote back then:
to see the differences.

Clinical Trial Record: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00962026

Thanks very much to Dr. White for providing information about this trial.

News on the Animas Artificial Pancreas

News article on Animas's Artificial Pancreas.  Obviously, I'll be a lot more interested when it actually starts a clinical trial:

Background reading on Artificial Pancreases in General

This paper is a little dry and a little dense, but it gives a good summary update of where we are, and the lead author (Hovorka) is actively involved in AP research:

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