Friday, June 29, 2018

News from ADA 2018

The American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions for 2018 (called ADA2018 with hastag #2018ADA) just ended.  I was not there, but did monitor twitter and other social media to get a feel for what was going on.  As in previous years, it was about 90% type-2 and about 90% treatments (not cures), and of the remaining type-1/cure research, only a little was human trials of the type covered in this blog.

So anyway, here is a huge list of links (mostly links to tweets) which I found interesting for one reason or other.  I've tried to categorize them, and in a few cases, after the link, I've added a sentence or two about why I found them interesting.

Summary web sites:

Cure Related
Meta-Dopa, which I need to blog about:
Encapsulation for beta cells (animals, I think):

Smart Insulin:


Artificial Pancreas:
There were lots more, but these really called out to me.

General Interest:
Average A1c by age:
Vit D:
T2D delays T1D?
Mice vs. Humans:
Gut not important?
Patch Pump:
Half Units Matter:
Adjunct Therapy:
Bariatric Surgery T1D:
New Patch Pump:

Lots of comorbid conditions:

An attempt at a head-to-head comparison of islet transplants vs. Artificial Pancreas results.  Interesting!

The other form of bihormonal AP:
Most bihormonal AP research uses insulin and glucagon, but this one uses insulin and pramlintide.

Poster and Discussion:
ADA and JDCA joint letter (later supported by the Berrie Center):
These two guys (and many others) report dropping A1c, but no one calls them a cure:

Interesting to me:
Open Data Tools for Software Nerds:
I found the next tweet interesting because Cure was in title, but treatment in contents.  To me that shows a problem with "cure" research.  Much of it is not really aimed at a cure:

Low Carb:

Atkinson honored (nPOD and much more):

The "Most Obvious Research Conclusion Award"

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Unknown said...

Dear Joshua,

I read your blog since 2012, and I can say I know your articles by far. Even if you are not a researcher or a doctor, you were impartial and you made a concise summary. But since you joint to the JDRF camp, I wonder what happened to you. I'm referring to the Faustman study, of course. You published only the counterattacks. You know too well and you have written it many times that the insulin market is over 20 billion at the moment.
I also think you remember how many times you've written about medicines that were used in studies, and with the publication of more than encouraging reports, the manufacturer withdrew that drug from the market.
I would like to see you writing an article about "Pancreate", why has not there been any news from 2009-2010, when Sanofi bought it from for 350+ million dollars? Not even one article since then.
I would like to see you writing an article about what will happen if tomorrow a cure will suddenly appear, what will be the impact on Big Pharma? Of course, you know this will not happen, you also said this in one of your articles, cause this is closely monitored and regulated.
The good thing is that the BCG can not be removed from the market, but the bad thing is that hyenas can stop any study like this, anytime.
I am very sorry that the only publication that treated each topic, any news with so much impartiality disappeared.
Now I am asking also if you will you post my comment.

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