Thursday, August 8, 2019

Personal Note

I've been very busy this summer, and so I only published one blog posting in May, one in June, and none in July or August.  I do plan to restart my normal publishing schedule in September, which means 2 or 3 postings per month.

Also, when I do post in September, I'll be removing the "In my day job, I work in software for Bigfoot Biomedical." since that is no longer true.  I wish them all the best success.

Joshua Levy 
publicjoshualevy at gmail dot com 
All the views expressed here are those of Joshua Levy, and nothing here is official JDRF, JDCA, or Bigfoot Biomedical news, views, policies or opinions. In my day job, I work in software for Bigfoot Biomedical. My daughter has type-1 diabetes and participates in clinical trials, which might be discussed here. My blog contains a more complete non-conflict of interest statement. Thanks to everyone who helps with the blog.


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aviano said...

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